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Owned and operated by Michelle Seguin.

After experiencing many different traumatic events throughout her life, including the loss of her son Devin, Michelle has since opened up her heart and soul to the power of helping others.

Michelle has made it her life mission to make a difference by helping others overcome trauma and self-limiting beliefs so that they can awaken happiness, joy and peace in their lives.

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In 2020, Peaceful Connections was created and designed as an outlet for Michelle to help others with their own forms of trauma in order to take back their lives and point them in the right direction to heal.

Peaceful Connections offers various tools, courses, and one on one methods to begin to heal and take ownership of your life.


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Larger Than Life: A Mother’s Love, Loss And Her Journey Back To Living

Michelle has put her blood, sweat and tears into writing a book to detail her journey since the loss of her son Devin and to honor Devin’s legacy. To order your copy off amazon, please click the link below:




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The Trauma Coaching Sessions I had with Michelle were amazing! She is such a kind and empathetic person that I felt very comfortable talking to. Not only did she listen to me, but she also understood the things I didn’t say. She helped me dig to the root of my traumas and bring them to the surface for releasing. I do find it has been very helpful for anxiety! I have felt so much lighter since my sessions. Thank you Michelle!!

Carrie Gallop

Michelle is a highly intuitive coach that is able to get you through any trauma. She is able to fiercely guide you through processes that are life-changing. She has the unique ability to help you master your mind-set and get back to the truth of who you are. She is so giving in her work and ensures that you leave feeling and knowing a new perspective for yourself. Michelle is one of a kind and is highly recommended. I am so grateful to have her in my life and help me through traumas and upsets bringing me back to truth!

Breanna May Mashinter

Michelle is a very centered and calming coach. I am so greatful I engaged her as my coach, as she supported me in making a plan that truly met my needs for moving forward in my life!


I truly believe that Michelle did an amazing job. Her material and instruction was on point and brought out emotions in me that I have been pushing down.

Michelle you are an unbelievable person and I am truly honoured to have met you and to have you in my life. Thank you creator for bringing such an incredible blessing into this world.


Michelle has helped me to set easily obtainable goals which has had such a profound impact to remove limiting thoughts to go forward.

Thank you Michelle!



Michelle was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Thank you for your gentle approach and commitment to support all of us.

You are amazing!


What an amazing soul! Michelle helped me realize that my siblings needed the love that I am working through myself. BREAKTHROUGH! Blessed to have Michelle as an instructor.


Michelle is an intelligent, compassionate and fully competent coach. She was great at hearing my concerns and assisting me with an action plan that really suited me and my life. I truly look forward to working with Michelle in the future. You are a gift to whomever you work with and I am so blessed to have you on my team/in my corner. I love you!


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There is no greater agony, than bearing an untold story inside of you. ~Maya Angelou

Children Who Have Lost A Parent

Children Who Have Lost A Parent

May 06, 20213 min read

Recently I was sent a picture of an assignment my grand daughter had to do at school. At first glance, it appears to be a pretty simple assignment, the kids needed to draw a picture of their family. Below is a picture of Paetyn’s drawing.

I looked at that picture and was extremely emotional at the heart and love that she shows. Then I really looked at it. I had never thought of it before but for a child who has lost a parent either before or after they were born, what is their definition of where that parent who has passed fits into their life.

Obviously, by looking at the picture she drew, you can see that she considers her family her, her mom, her dad here on earth and her dad in heaven. That is her family. I loved the fact that they are all holding hands and to me it shows the total love she has and that she considers him there and part of her family even though he is in heaven.

Devin passed before Paetyn was born but for Devin’s widow and for all of us including Paetyn’s dad here, it has been very important that she know who her daddy was, that he loved her very much and that he really really wanted to be here for her. She has been told about him and she knows him by his pictures. She is not at all scared to talk about him and we try and answer any questions she may have.

For her, she has been raised to not be scared to talk about him, to know where she comes from and to love him. She understands that her daddy got sick and the doctor couldn’t fix him and so he had to go to heaven before she was born. She feels special in that she has two daddy’s and that is amazing.

For so many children, when a parent passes, they are meant to feel it is a taboo subject to talk about them or ask questions. They are made to feel like they are bad to discuss it at all. Unfortunately, that old school way of thinking causes emotional scarring that these children take into the remainder of their lives.

Like adults, it is very important to allow children to be curious, to be able to grieve and ask questions. Now, depending upon the situation, it is also extremely important to give them age-appropriate answers. The child should have the right to be able to grieve and be inquisitive as to their parent. Sometimes the way a parent passed may not be appropriate to discuss with a young child but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that they know their parent went to heaven and that they loved their child.

That child should be able to talk openly in order to help them in their grieving process. Each time the child brings up that parent and an adult kind of freezes or cringes, this tells the child that what they are talking about is bad and over time they just bury the feelings. Unfortunately, feeling that are not dealt with will affect them the remainder of their lives. By allowing them the openness, we are reducing the long-term trauma on that child and allowing them to grow into healthy well balanced adults.

Paetyn’s picture is a clear visualization of how healthy it can be for a child who has been allowed to be inquisitive and to get the answers they are looking for. Yes, obviously I am biased because she is grandma’s little princess, but I also smile to see how normal it is for her to include him in her life and honor him so much by still considering him part of her family here on earth. That to me is complete success in helping a child understand the loss of a parent.

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Michelle Seguin

After experiencing many different traumatic events throughout her life, including the loss of her son Devin, Michelle has since opened her heart and soul to the power of helping others.

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